What we're made of

Meet the leaders that are creating the future.

Xoltec's associates have been in the retail industry since 2002. Since then we've gotten to work with companies all over the country. We've developed long lasting partnerships and have some very happy clients. Xoltec leader's are responsible for forging these partnerships and for the success of our past projects. They are all talented, driven individuals who are fantastic in their own right, but when partnered with a team, are unstoppable.

Leading the Future of Technology

Xoltec was founded Naveen Mahankali, an expert in Oracle Commerce. He has lead Xoltec through many sucessful projects, and has created a team that is both technically skilled and a culture that encourages innovation and dedication to the project. Our aim to deliver solutions that not only work today but are scalable and easily adaptable in the ever changing e-commerce industry.

This has helped us to become industry leaders. We are often the first few to implement new technologies for our clients. Our leadership team manages both our team as well as the project schedule for our clients. Using Agile methodologies and continuous delivery, we optimize efficiency and quality. That has allowed us to success in every new implementation we've done.

Leading with Values

Xoltec's leaders have created a culture of passion, empathy, respect, and engagement that has fostered our success in every project we've had. Our success is not just from our technical abilites, but from the values we hold and the way we treat our client. We aim to keep our clients happy through every step of way.