Clients & Projects

We've gotten to work with some truly amazing companies over the years. If you're working on developing the next big thing, we'd love to hear about it.

Xoltec architected, designed & developed solutions for some of the industry's now highest performing eCommerce websites. We've been able to help several companies struggling to develop a powerful e-Commerce presence into highy successful eCommerce websites in that are on top of their markets. We consistently delivered multiple projects successfully over several years to each of our clients.


Xoltec's associates works closely with RoomsToGo on a daily basis to deliver multiple projects over the years. Every project delivered was a success.

We helped RoomsToGo implement, we implemented Endeca Search & Type Ahead Search, as well as numerous other projects, like 10.2 Upgrade, Mobile checkout, among others.

Talbots Inc.

Xoltec acquires new client, Talbots Inc. Details on Xoltec's partnership with Talbots' e-Commerce to follow.

Prior eCommerce Expertise

Xoltec's associates have worked at Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Target, American Eagle, and Chico's. Most of them have at least 10 years of eCommerce experience and bring a tremendous value to our current clients.

SkyShop Logistics

Our team helps SkyShop with their database administration needs.

Client Benefits

Xoltec is proud to deliver quality work that will. We write technically sound code and provide ongoing support and performance enhancements.

Long Term Engagement

All our engagements with our clients have been long term and ongoing. Our clients choose us again & again to implement their future projects.

In-sourcing for Sustainability

All Xoltec employees are based out of US. We don't outsource any work and make sure to deliver sustainable long lasting solution supported by the same people who implemented them.