Ken Riley

Vice President of Operations

Kenneth Riley started playing with microcomputers with assembler on the Intel 8008, and he's never really done anything else since. Since then he has progressed from building telecommunication systems at Lucent Technologies, to application software development, to IT technology and leadership.


Ken's "prime directive" is to abstract away all of the issues associated with web commerce hosting, such as performance, availability, scalability and compliance aspects of the infrastructure, so the business can focus on the difficult problem of building a profitable direct to consumer channel.

Technical Interests

For the past eight years, Ken has been completely focused on implementing, scaling and improving the performance and availability of ATG (now Oracle) web commerce platforms for major retailers. Starting with Chicos FAS in 2007 (,, with release 2007.1 this was a highly successful 5 year "brown field" project to displace a suite of home-grown applications with $40 million in annual revenues with ATG which garnered annual sales of $250 million in 2012. In 2012 Ken started over, this time with furniture retailer Rooms To Go, with release 9.4, and a subsequent major upgrade cycle to version 10.2 with Endeca Experience Manager. Since 2012, and have been stable and experiencing rapid sales growth.

Personal Interests

In his free time, Ken liked to spend time with his family, watching sports, and biking.